View From the Hill

My new baby, taking a break up in Adams Morgan on Sunday

First of all, on a hot and muggy Sunday in Washington DC, I hit the streets of the city on my new (Craiglist new…) urban assault totally great bike. Slowly learning how to make the tweaks that will make it mine, make it fit me really well. Fun and frustrating. But fun.

I’m living up the hill from downtown, in the North West neighborhood of Glover Park. North of Georgetown, sort of nestled in between American University and Georgetown University. A pleasant place to come home to after being a part of the steamy pavement and stuffy polished black shoes of downtown.

Georgetown, down by the river, seems to be a favorite place of tourists, and the children of the rich.

The wonderful Kennedy Center, visible from the Georgetown riverfront.

Sarah is my coworker at NCBA, and we are friends.

My favorite little icecream shop, so far, is just below street level at Dupont Circle, one of the major hubs of the city, meeting place of about six of the major roads in Downtown. Very fun place, a gateway to the trendier Logan Circle area in one direction, my bike route home in another, really fun Adams Morgan and U Street to the North.

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