Washington DC, glimpses as pictures

Despite the fast paced excitement of the office, we still make frequent trips to McPhearson Park, a few blocks away from 1401 New York Avenue, to eat lunch in front of the White House. It is usually more interesting to watch the tourists, however, and to be a part of their pictures where we sitContinue reading “Washington DC, glimpses as pictures”

Save the Bag? The Chinese are doing it…

I had heard rumors of this, even when studying in the South Western Province of China,  Yunnan, over a year ago. Now, apparently it is official. Free plastic bags are to banned in the coming year in the Yunnan Province. Apparently there are certain benefits to a semi-authoritarian government that can impose its will on theContinue reading “Save the Bag? The Chinese are doing it…”

Bike Project #2: Aborted

Instant gratification is going straight from work to City Bikes in Adams Morgan, the best bike store in DC in one of the city’s hippist neighborhoods, and walking back out onto Columbia Ave with a brand new pair of lovely Profile AirWing bullhorn handlebars. Long term frustration ensued, however, as the mosquito infested front yardContinue reading “Bike Project #2: Aborted”