Save the Bag? The Chinese are doing it…

I had heard rumors of this, even when studying in the South Western Province of China,  Yunnan, over a year ago. Now, apparently it is official. Free plastic bags are to banned in the coming year in the Yunnan Province.

Apparently there are certain benefits to a semi-authoritarian government that can impose its will on the business sector, for the good of the general population – even when it is “inconvenient.” God forbid the government get in the way in the name of the environment.

Although there are economic benefits for the consumer here in the USA, for those that drop the extra plastic baggage. Many stores give a bag reimbursement – a whole five cents even… it adds up – if you decline a plastic or paper bag. I recall Kowalski’s back in lovely Minneapolis/ St. Paul, and Safeway and Whole Foods here in DC.

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