Washington DC, glimpses as pictures

Despite the fast paced excitement of the office, we still make frequent trips to McPhearson Park, a few blocks away from 1401 New York Avenue, to eat lunch in front of the White House. It is usually more interesting to watch the tourists, however, and to be a part of their pictures where we sit at the base of one of the grand statues in the park, than it is to gaze at the marvelous architecture.

One of the most spectacular museums, though hardly known, is the National Building Museum.

The National Cathedral is up the hill from Calvert Street, in the North West of the District, in the green part of town. Towers over everything, glaring down at the nonbelievers.

The ride to downtown each day brings me past the Oak Hill Cemetery, evoking scenes out of Harry Potter as I pass it in the twilight. I have yet to Venture inside, but I’m sure there are some famous people laying under those amazing mausoleums.

Finally, there are some pretty cool bikes in this town. I’m convinced it is someone’s compensation for settling for a bureaucratic job in DC, as opposed to the world of espionage that they had always envisioned.

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