A trip down Massachusetts Avenue, “Embassy Row” as it is sometimes called, is always beautiful, following green Rock Creek, past the many Embassies and Consulates built to convey the grandeur of whatever country is housed within. Sometimes, this trip is even exciting.

Protesters and counter protesters at the Turkish Embassy

In front of the Turkish Embassy, up the hill a bit on Mass Ave, a group of protesters and their friendly counter-protesters gathered, shouting at each other from opposite sides of the street. On the right side (East side of the Avenue), the group held signs proclaiming “Free Cyprus” and “Cyprus Independence.” Across the street, the group shouted and held signs as well, countering the pro-Cyprus crowd with slogans of “Turkey – One Nation” and “Save Our Turkey.” One might wonder whether English is their first language…

The Corcoran is just one of the many fantastic art galleries in town

Another wonderful art gallery in Washington, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, next to the Red Cross Building, between the White House and the National Mall. An impressive exhibit of politically inspired art, showing a chronological view of some of the impacts that artists have had in American culture and politics.

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