Making a Statement, Without Taking a Stand

Not Apathy, but Ambiguity

“Washington DC: Taxation Without Representation” (the DC license plate), “Someone Else For President” and The American Flag (the bumber stickers).

Americans have been charged, in recent times, with apathy. Someone else will solve health care, a loss of interest in the wars being fought in the Middle East, an outright ignoring of the constant punditry coming from the presidential campaigns.

However, take a look around, and you’ll see the popular culture of America is chalk full of opportunities to express yourself politically. Car bumpers, t-shirts, a bicycle, “I’m carrying a re-usable Whole Foods shopping bag, you plastic bag toting earth killer.”

However, what seems to characterize a lot of what is being proclaimed in logos and statements is not so much apathy, but ambiguity. Mnay people are fine making a statement – though they may be reluctant to take a stand.

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