DC Damage Report

Yes, the mixed blessings of a Monday morning. Coasting down the hill, past the old Dumbarton mansion, t he sun slicing through a chilly, clean haze, there is so much hope in the world. Nothing holds us back, nothing but our own fear and our on apathy and inaction.

Crossing the bridge, into the city, and the first smell of old trash, an old man in rags shouting at no one in particular is a frightful reminder of lost human  potential and of the sacrafice of hopes and dreams and grand things in the face of a daunting reality.

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  1. Do you think it’s indicitive of the mode with which you move through your new city that you can feel and describe such contrary human experiences? Maybe we should push for our politicians to experience their cities/states/coutry on bike. How much more would they learn about their constituents?

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