The Challenge of Community Oganizing

Tonight was the regular meeting of the board of the yet to materialize H Street Community Coop Market. An effort emerging from the desire of a number of NE DC residents to increase their families’ and the community’s access to local, natural foods, the idea has grown over a period of more than five years.Continue reading “The Challenge of Community Oganizing”

Sunday of Bounty

A son of Minnesota’s agricultural heartland, a connection to the land and the people who coax from it the delicacies I grew up loving has always been important. Alienation from this archetypal aspect of humanity has become all too prevelent, sadly, in modern cities. Sunday mornings at Dupont Circle, one of Washington DC’s busiest gatheringContinue reading “Sunday of Bounty”

Election Night, 2008, Washington DC

I found myself at the unrepentently liberal Busboys and Poets, on 14th and U St. I got a seat at the bar, showing up early. The line was down the block by 5:00. Now, the morning after, there is so much work to be done. I hope people are inspired to realize that there isContinue reading “Election Night, 2008, Washington DC”

Coops Going Viral!!

This article was originally published in the Houston Chronicle What caused our current economic crisis? It was greed, deregulation, predatory lending, so popular thought goes.   Mortgage lenders and Wall Street are guilty of many of these accusations. But there’s one major flaw in the logic of this finger-pointing – these are symptoms, not causes,Continue reading “Coops Going Viral!!”