Cooperatives in the Stimulus Plan, Part II

In light of the massive economic revitalization project being planned by the still coalescing Obama administration, meant to dump hundreds of billions of dollars into employing Americans and modernizing the country’s infrastructure, one of the most promising trends is the rising popularity of the public – private partnership. A model of private sector business thatContinue reading “Cooperatives in the Stimulus Plan, Part II”

Cooperatives in the New New Deal

As the new administration rolls out its massive stimulus plan, it is an opportunity to consider alternatives that could multiply the effectiveness of the project. Whether the seemingly flawless free market philosophy that has reigned in America’s economy has lost credibility during the current crisis or not, it is obvious that people are open now,Continue reading “Cooperatives in the New New Deal”

Indonesia, a Hub of Asia and Islam

Initial thoughts on the new administration’s policy towards Indonesia, Asia, and Islam. Fault lines are becoming visible the world over, places – geographic, political and cultural places – through which tides of global power have to flow and fulcrums on which balances will tilt. While the US has focused so much of its attention on theContinue reading “Indonesia, a Hub of Asia and Islam”