A Key Role For Cooperatives in Energy Development

Listening to the President’s speech today regarding his administration’s priorities in terms of energy, I couldn’t help but feel that I was witnessing the beginning of an era that might actually work toward creating a world different from that we now know. As strikingly naive as that sounds, Obama‘s short but meaningful speech laid downContinue reading “A Key Role For Cooperatives in Energy Development”

21 Shots of the Cannon, and Here We Go

The Capitol lawn, Purple Ticket Section, Inauguration Morning Reported as the largest event in Washington DC’s history, with an official number of 1.8 million people in one place at one time, the swearing in ceremony on the steps of the American Capitol had without a doubt an important impact on the psyche of the nation.Continue reading “21 Shots of the Cannon, and Here We Go”

The Capitol Comes to Perham, MN

Not only was I lucky enough to attend the Inaugural ceremonies on the lawn of our Nation’s Capitol last Tuesday, feeling the pulse of the 21 canon salute vibrate through my core, I was also honored to have my thoughts on the event published in the Perham Enterprise Bulletin, the weekly newspaper of Perham, MinnesotaContinue reading “The Capitol Comes to Perham, MN”