Embassy of Iraq

The sun was shining brightly on the P Street entrance of the Iraqi Embassy today.

We can hope this is an auspicious sign. Hope.

The county’s Embassy, surprisingly easy to miss, is located on P Street, just East of the bustling Dupont Circle. This area of DC has the highest concentration of embassies of foreign governments – North of Iraq’s is what is called “the African Row,” and on the other side of Dupont Circle is a majority of the EU, stretching up Massachusetts Ave on Embassy Row.

Given the prime location of this embassy, and the fact that the US and Iraq must have not had diplomatic relations until only relatively recently (though I don’t know for sure), the history of this building must be worth exploring.

What is striking, as well, is the near complete anonymity of the Iraqi Embassy. There is not wall, no huge gate. Tall trees obscure the plain looking windows on the second floor. The nation’s flag hangs limply on the yard on P Street, and a small plaque hangs on the wall outside, hoping not to be noticed by the outside world. Apparently you don’t go there unless you have a good reason to.

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