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H Street NE, Washington, DC

Up and Coming, Gentrifying, Hip, Edgy. Every city certainly has neighborhood’s like the District’s H Street Corridor aka The Atlas District aka H St NE. You’ll find the occasional gem amongst the scummy local acts at the Rock and Roll Hotel, Sticky Rice is the hippest place to get drunk singing karaoke while eating expensive artisan sushi. Street signs and parking meters sans-bike chained to them are a rarity.

Washington, B.C?

Like the prehistoric characters in a cheesy caveman film, District of Columbia residents have been emerging from their icy caves only to find food, search for a suitable mating partner, or attempt a voyage to a movie theater.

The past week of intense storminess in the capital has pushed 2010 to the top of the list of Most Snow EVER in the history of EVER! Officially the snowiest city in the US so far this year, at 54.9 inches. Wow.

Tomorrow will be the fourth straight day that the Federal government has not been open, and many work places, including my own, follow the OPM (the government’s Office of Personnel Management).

The first wave began on Friday night. The predictions of doom were at first laughable, and then credible, and then downright scary.

We woke on Saturday morning shocked by what turned out to be a complete inability to move about the city. A normally bustling Saturday degraded to a mix of survivalist ruggedness and goofy snowball fights. There were, however, thankfully, a few places that managed to stay open, dedicated to serving restless locals and collecting above average tips. Busboys and Poets, one of my favorites, actually put up some of its bartenders in nearby hotels so that they could work through the storm.

We thought it was over, that although the city was incredibly ill-equipped to deal with snowy streets, they would eventually be cleared. Then, another storm slammed the city on Tuesday night. Ugh.