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National Arboretum Excursion, Washington, DC

What weekends are for.

Of the activities of our federal government, based here in Washington, DC, of course, I have few problems with the various projects meant to serve as representations of some of America’s more excellent features. The Smithsonian museums are beacons of science, art, and history. Likewise, the National Arboretum, in NE DC, lets one move through sub-climate after sub-climate, all within the giant chunk of green in the middle of the urban sprawl heading towards Baltimore. The bonsai collection ranks among my favorite features (not featured in this set of pictures, unfortunately), but the fern gully, conifers, gallery of State trees, etc, are all wonderful. And it is, of course, springtime, and the crocuses are just now coming out in their full glory, even as the magnolias make their final, forlorn efforts at beautiful color.