U.S. in a Migrant’s Age

Jason DeParle’s article in the Sunday, June 27th NYT’s struck a note this morning, complementing the chord (or discord) that is gaining in strength like so many vuvuzelas in South Africa. He writes, “As heirs to an immigrant past, Americans may have an edge in a migrants’ age. As contentious as the issue is here,Continue reading “U.S. in a Migrant’s Age”

Dudus: caught

Suspected Drug Lord Taken in Jamaica Michael Kamber for The New York Times In May, Jamaican soldiers patrolled the streets of Denham, a neighborhood in Kingston, where fighting took place over several days. By MARC LACEY and KAREEM FAHIM Published: June 22, 2010 Facebook Twitter Recommend Sign In to E-Mail Print Reprints Share CloseLinkedinDiggMixxMySpaceYahoo! BuzzPermalinkContinue reading “Dudus: caught”

Indonesian Magic, Big Business

I was always fascinated by the mysterious blending of Islam and traditional Indonesian religions on the island of Java. It played in the politics, the art, and the daily behavior of people I observed and met. Unquestionably a majority Muslim country, Indonesia embraces a spirituality that places a belief in and conversational relationship with nature,Continue reading “Indonesian Magic, Big Business”