DC Places

There are “Washingtonians” and there are DC residents.  The members of one group considers themselves “local” if they manage to stick around for more than two years, they go to cocktail happy hours in the rooftop bars of hotels, they discuss the political drama of the day. Members of the other group  vote in local elections, worry about the local drinking water and the local schools, get incensed about DC’s lack of Congressional representation. They are proud of the DC flag.

Unfortunate fashion statement at the National Gallery of Art. Japanese tourists get a pass, however, as their often unapologetic adventures in clothing result in as many “awesome’s” as it does “ugh’s.”

Sitting and Standing, American tourists enjoy the modern art in the Smithsonian.

DC even has good coffee, and pleasant places to drink it while reading a book.

Tunnel between art museums, National Gallery of Art.

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