Deep breath of MN air, Before the dive

Oh yeah, I guess it is a weekday, isn’t it? One day in Minnesota, and time does funny things.
I am using the few days of leave that I have accumulated in the first few months at my job to take a timeout in my home state minnesota, to see the friends and family that I have not seen for too long and probably won’t see for a while – at least two years, anyway, the length of my tour in Kingston.

Arriving early Tuesday morning, it was a day of Minneapolis, of my favorite people, my old haunts. Even in those moments that I was simply alone, I was in physical locations that have left their images, smells, feels burned on my soul. Much has changed here in Uptown, of course, but two years is not enough to wash away the aesthetic, pace, and people that make this place more “home” than most places.

And today, after a far too short breakfast with sister Katie before she is off to her new job, it is North, to my REAL home, to the lakes and forests of Ottertail.

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