Kimchi in Jamaica, Kimchi Around the World!

Kimchi! It’s really so easy that you don’t really need a recipe. The bulk of it is normally cabbage, the chinese kind (but I’ve done it with regular green, and once with red, cabbage), but I also sometimes chop up and throw in cucumber, carrots, radishes, I’ve tried beets, apples, any other veggie or fruitContinue reading “Kimchi in Jamaica, Kimchi Around the World!”

Blue Mountain Hike

Perhaps the most impressive Physical Challenge undertaken by this island hopper in quite a while, I climbed yesterday into the mountain-goat of a Jeep of a fellow diplomat and drove out of Kingston, accompanied by one of the Marines posted at the Embassy, and headed towards the fabled Blue Mountains in Jamaica’s interior. Despite theContinue reading “Blue Mountain Hike”