National Gallery of Jamaica, Downtown Kingston

The National Gallery of Jamaica houses a surprisingly delightful collection of art, with examples of pieces from each tumultuous era of the island’s history since about 1000 a.d. The Edna Manley collection is especially impressive, of course. I have been here almost two months, and already the Bogle image is very recognizable. The meaning andContinue reading “National Gallery of Jamaica, Downtown Kingston”

Human Rights Law

Perhaps the gravity of the issues the fine folks at the Independent Jamaican Council on Human Rights have to deal with every day has something to do with their irrepressible and contagious good nature and ability to have a good time. The Council draws lawyers and interns from around the world to join the amazing Jamaicans workingContinue reading “Human Rights Law”

Tropical Storm Nicole

Kingston’s transportation and drainage infrastructure was not, unfortunately, planned with the greatest of foresight. It is evident that the valleys and gullies that naturally channeled water down the Blue Mountains and into the sea were systematically filled so that houses and roads could be built to accommodate the ever-expanding city of Kingston. The result is too fewContinue reading “Tropical Storm Nicole”