Human Rights Law

Perhaps the gravity of the issues the fine folks at the Independent Jamaican Council on Human Rights have to deal with every day has something to do with their irrepressible and contagious good nature and ability to have a good time.

The Council draws lawyers and interns from around the world to join the amazing Jamaicans working (and mostly volunteering) there – presently, there is an inspired group consisting of lawyers and students from England, India, Spain, the USA, and other countries.

Friday and Saturday of this week, the Norman Manley School of Law, at the University of the West Indies, hosted a seminar on Human Rights in the Inter-American System. Human rights advocates, policy makers, journalists, and academics from around the region came together in Jamaica to discuss everything from Jamaica’s place in the system to the ongoing problem of extra-judicial killing in the country to education and human rights to the future of the Inter-american system.

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