Circumnavigating: the Eastern bit

The eastern nub of Jamaica seems to reach past Haiti and Aruba, straight through the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, as if it were trying to break through the Lower Antilles and escape to the vast Atlantic Ocean beyond. While firmly planted south of Cuba and west of Port Au Prince, however, this easternContinue reading “Circumnavigating: the Eastern bit”

Change your elevation, change your mood

Sunday, in Jamaica perhaps more than most places, is meant to be a day of leisure, rest and family. This week, Sunday was an opportunity to escape from the car horns and anxious crowds of chaotic Kingston and breathe the fresh air atop Strawberry Hill – if only for a couple of hours. If lifeContinue reading “Change your elevation, change your mood”

Rollover – A new year. Carry on.

The streets of Kingston erupted in patches of chaos as the countdown neared zero, the crescendo of bottle rockets, revving motor bike engines, and dancehall music from street parties reaching a rather lustful climax around midnight. The dancing and drinking, sweating and loving and fighting surely proceeded through the dawn, but contentment for me was in theContinue reading “Rollover – A new year. Carry on.”