Change your elevation, change your mood

Sunday, in Jamaica perhaps more than most places, is meant to be a day of leisure, rest and family. This week, Sunday was an opportunity to escape from the car horns and anxious crowds of chaotic Kingston and breathe the fresh air atop Strawberry Hill – if only for a couple of hours.

If life can be summed up by the totallity of our collected experiences, the afternoon excursion added a few especially relaxing moments to the long and not entirely memorable MLK Jr. weekend. While it may not have stood out at a life-altering experience, it was most definitely a reminder of the natural beauty of this island, of my appreciation for cold air, and it provided an opportunity to learn a little more about Christina, whose story is as interesting as anyone’s. She reecently learned of her next assignment with USAID, and she is not overly excited about the year she is going to have to spend in Afghanistan.

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