Circumnavigating: the Eastern bit

The eastern nub of Jamaica seems to reach past Haiti and Aruba, straight through the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, as if it were trying to break through the Lower Antilles and escape to the vast Atlantic Ocean beyond. While firmly planted south of Cuba and west of Port Au Prince, however, this eastern side of Jamaica is nonetheless a beautiful and pleasantly unfrequented part of the island.

Saturday was a perfect opportunity to pile into someone’s car and take a meandering voyage along the coast and through the mountains, from Kingston to Long Beach to Annotto Bay, and back over the Blue Mountains and Stony Hill.
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The sights and smells of the island, from the sugar cane plantations to the seemingly constantly grilling of Jerk chicken and lazy old Rastafarians smoking their spliffs, never leave the senses, and they certainly give the area a character of its own.

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