Football in the Jungle

The concrete steps that were the seats of the Arnette Gardens football stadium had all day to absorb the direct Caribbean sunshine, and our butts paid the price as we sat down for a Sunday afternoon of Jamaican football.   A fascinating and surprising aspect of the afternoon was the halftime sexy dance contest (this video is intendedContinue reading “Football in the Jungle”

Permaculture and Rastas in the Jamaican hills

The EITS Cafe (pronounced Eats) is the latest addition to the venture that already included the Mount Edge Guesthouse and the Food Basket Jamaica. The organic farm apparently grew out of the original guesthouse, and is becoming a bit of a mecca in the mountains overlooking Kingston for travelers, foodies, and environmentalists attracted by theContinue reading “Permaculture and Rastas in the Jamaican hills”

2010 Human Rights Reports are out!

Human Rights Reports Every year the U.S. State Department tasks its officers around the world with gaining insight into the state of human rights, freedom and other aspects, and reporting to Washington, and all of civil society, through the annually published Human Rights Reports. The Country Reports on Human Rights Practices are submitted annually byContinue reading “2010 Human Rights Reports are out!”