Chirp, chirp…

No, not that kind of cricket!

A game that has always mystified, or perhaps simply never interested, me, my first voyage into the world of cricket was a joy. The England Lions made the trip across the Atlantic to take on the Jamaica team, here in Kingston at Sabina Park.

Sabina Park, now a gorgeous stadium near downtown, was redone in order to house the 2007 ICC World Cup, an event local Jamaicans still talk about.

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  1. Cricket is wonderful! Got to love it in India, and would take it over just about any U.S. game (except baseball of course).
    Haven’t had time for a test match (3-5 days) but the ODI’s and 20/20 (20 overs for each team) are a great day with friends.
    take care, sticky wicket…

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