Football in the Jungle

The concrete steps that were the seats of the Arnette Gardens football stadium had all day to absorb the direct Caribbean sunshine, and our butts paid the price as we sat down for a Sunday afternoon of Jamaican football.


Tivoli Vs Boystown, semifinals of the Flow Cup

A fascinating and surprising aspect of the afternoon was the halftime sexy dance contest (this video is intended for mature audiences). The notion of sexuality and modesty is much different from that of this shy Minnesota-raised lad who feels compelled to avert his eyes at the first hint of female exploitation.



Arnett Gardens Stadium

A friend lent me a Tivoli Gardens jersey (orange and white). Lucky for me, Tivoli went ahead to win the day.


The open and perfectly acceptable drug use in the bleachers was another aspect of this particular game that I was not entirely prepared for. I had no trouble relaxing, in any case, as the billows of smoke drifted about from every direction.

Even the snack vendors were pushing the stuff – “cigarettes, peanuts, high grade…”

"Peanuts, high grade"
"Peanuts, high grade"


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