And in Tripoli…

It is difficult to appreciate, or perhaps even comprehend, the importance and meaning of the “Arab Spring” that seems to be rocking a huge chunk of the earth but remains a string of images, audio clips of explosions and chanting crowds, and dramatic articles for most of us here on the other side of the Atlantic.
Still, as Tripoli is pressured from both the inside and the outside by those looking for a new government, a new country, it is undeniable that things are changing. Questions abound, however, as do hopes that this “change” does not result in more of the same.
First in my mind, who exactly are these people marching on tripoli, and what kind of country do they want to create, or are they capable of creating?
Another unknown, what will the relationship between the “TNC” in Libya and the US and NATO emerge as, after what has been a rather strange military alliance against Ghadafi and his regime?

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