Limitations of Rationalism

Political Science. It was so easy to say, back at university, answering “what’s your major.” What a wonderful feeling, learning grand models that could not only explain but help you predict human behavior. Now, having lived in the realm of international relations, in one form or another, for a number of years, I long forContinue reading “Limitations of Rationalism”

Best guitar solo ever

I shall now transcribe, in mouth/air guitar, the guitar solo from the Black Crows’ Hard To Handle. Ahem. Bwahh, Bwahh, beedadoobee doobee doobee deedlebow dooblebah doo.doodahh, duhdoobledop doodiedaw diplebop dooh.doohdah, duhdoobaleedop doodiedaw diplebop doooh. Bdweee diiii, diibahbah bdwee! Duhduh bdweedada deedee doo bleee! Bleee, bloohdee bloohdeedee bloohdee, bloodeedeedoobeedoodaaaawwwww!! Thank you.

A Prime Minister Falls. A Prime Minister Ascends.

I was at the press conference this week as the party currently in power in Jamaica, the Jamaica Labor Party, announced the man they plan to put forward as new leader and therefore new PM at its November national convention. The party’s 5,000 some rank and file delegates voting AGAINST the chosen one of theContinue reading “A Prime Minister Falls. A Prime Minister Ascends.”