Self, Diplomat, Risk Tolerance

Change is not easy. Especially when it involves the fundamentals. The process of reevaluating my concept of personal security, in the context of a career representing the government with every move I make, has been a painful one. Taking on personal responsibility goes without saying – I’ve done enough living and traveling to have a concept of where lines are drawn. Accepting that I am not the only one affected by my actions has been harder, however. Indeed, my very career depends on how successfully I embody the “mission” I am trying to achieve, that is maintaining and improving relations between my country and others.

Wandering through an inner city, gang controlled neighborhood as a student is one thing. In the capacity of a diplomat… now there are others responsible for my safety.

Admittedly it takes some of the fun out of being in another country. But it also emphasizes the meaningfulness of why I am here.

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