Jamaica’s Burmese: A Hope for Democracy Back Home

Jamaica’s Burmese community, I am told, is about 300 strong now. When my friend Jo arrived about 18 years ago, there were fewer than 100. Initially drawn by the availability of professional medical jobs in Jamaica (the island suffers from a chronic shortage of highly skilled medical professionals), friends followed friends, and families followed families, and theContinue reading “Jamaica’s Burmese: A Hope for Democracy Back Home”

Search for the Best Steamed Fish

I forgot  who recommended So So Seafood, on Chelsea Road, but the claim that they had the best steamed fish in town just may have to be declared true. I’m pretty sure a planted suggestion did not become a self fulfilling prophecy – my search for the best steamed fish on the island has honedContinue reading “Search for the Best Steamed Fish”