Care for the Elderly, Pursue the Dream

China’s Harmonious society, or these days the Chinese Dream, at least in the mind of the country’s leaders, can be helped along by the ubiquitous displays of “public service announcements” reminding people of their roles as good citizens. This series was posted along the wall of a historical landmark on the east shore of Houhai,Continue reading “Care for the Elderly, Pursue the Dream”


(Tattoos, coffee, and the Hutongs) Beijing’s Hutongs, a city planning style brought into practice by one of the many dynasties to rule the northern capital of china, have perhaps seen both the most and least change in this remarkable city’s recent past. These are the traditional old neighborhoods of Beijing, winding narrow alleys, sometimes labyrinth-like,Continue reading “刺青,咖啡,户同”

Eating my way through the North Capital

I know, I know, the fact that my recent postings have involved thoughts no deeper than an appreciation for my culinary adventures here in 北京, china’s incredible capital city. This is, I admit, quite deserved of criticism. But please do not think less of me… I’m really not that shallow. It is, however, the pathContinue reading “Eating my way through the North Capital”