A Good Day for a Great Wall

So what if you can’t actually see it from space. It is still a spectacular achievement, the construction of China’s Great Wall.

Shuttled by some new friends, an extremely “Beijing” breakfast (think stinky tofu sludge and pig stomach porridge), we ventured Beijing’s suburban constant traffic jam until we finally escaped, making our way to a beautiful and well maintained section of the Great Wall.

Great Wall
Great Wall

Great Wall Oct 20132 Great Wall Oct 20133 Great Wall Oct 20134 Great Wall Oct 20135 Great Wall Oct 20136 Great Wall Oct 20137 Great Wall Oct 20138 Great Wall Oct 20139 Great Wall Oct 201310 Great Wall Oct 201311 Great Wall Oct 201312 Great Wall Oct 201313 Ted climbs wall

2 Replies to “A Good Day for a Great Wall”

  1. Those are some awesome pictures. Can you believe that people made that structure? I didn’t know you couldn’t see it from the sky.
    What a great fall day adventure!

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