Journey to the West: Qinghai, China

The blue skies, and huge fluffy white clouds towering above the almost-barren first steps of the great Tibetan plateau didn’t stop amazing me the entire time I was in Qinghai, in the west of China.  Sure, it was only a long weekend, but what a striking;ly different place from Beijing.  Hardly enough to purge Beijing from my lungs and skin, let alone my spirit… but interacting with Chinese people who are not directly invested in the business or government happenings in the capital is an important experience that I don’t have nearly enough.

By Qinghai Lake, the largest inland lake in the Middle Kingdom.

Blue skies of Qinghai, China
Blue skies of Qinghai, China

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A lot of Tibetan and other cultures and religions represented in Qinghai.

IMG_4083 (1024x683)
IMG_4081 (1024x683)

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