Happy Holidays!!!

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A Meinhover family year end tradition at least as old as I am.  That means the Xmas card gallery back home took up all the wall space in one room and has started creeping down the hallway.

In 2017, the increase in universal uncertainty seemed to make my own everyday life all the simpler.  Ever-closer with family, as we realize we are each others’ best friends and most valuable assets, ever more committed to my career, as the questions I try to help answer seem more important than ever. Stay healthy, hear good music, enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.

And, of course, take on life’s challenges as they come, and try not to be too offended when they don’t seem very fair at all.

Anyway, in this season of reflection and renewal, I extend to you my digital hug and handshake, and a smiling happy holidays and happy new year!




With love and happiness, Happy Holidays!

Meinhover-Gleusing Family Christmas Card 2011

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