Empires Come, Empires Go

The church on the cliff in Amasra, Turkey, on the Black Sea coast, was built in the early AD’s, then destroyed, rebuilt, then turned into a mosque, then back into a church, saw medieval castle walls rise around it and crumble away, and then turned into a mosque again. Turkey’s Black Sea coast has patientlyContinue reading “Empires Come, Empires Go”

The Turks In Turkey

That is Ted. That is not a Turk. But it is in Turkey. Istanbul. The cliche “east meets west” romanticization is in fact quite accurate, Persian rugs draped across Byzantine era stone rooms that now house Italian cafes. Istanbul isn’t all Byzantine churches and ottoman mosques, though there’s plenty of that. There’s also classy restaurantsContinue reading “The Turks In Turkey”

Breaching the City Walls

The old walls and massive gates of Beijing’s Forbidden City, imposing as they are, were no match for the masses of mostly domestic tourists pouring in past the bronze studded red wooden doors and over the canal to get their piece of Ming/Qing Dynasty grandeur. Fireworks were still randomly exploding around Beijing, but the windContinue reading “Breaching the City Walls”