Labor and Media in China

I spent the past five days meeting people and learning about conventions, practices, international agreements and organizations, etc that are consequential to labor, both in the United States and around the world. Today, at the Solidarity Center, the focus was on the international labor movement, especially how labor activists in the US were not onlyContinue reading “Labor and Media in China”

U.S. in a Migrant’s Age

Jason DeParle’s article in the Sunday, June 27th NYT’s struck a note this morning, complementing the chord (or discord) that is gaining in strength like so many vuvuzelas in South Africa. He writes, “As heirs to an immigrant past, Americans may have an edge in a migrants’ age. As contentious as the issue is here,Continue reading “U.S. in a Migrant’s Age”

Dudus: caught

Suspected Drug Lord Taken in Jamaica Michael Kamber for The New York Times In May, Jamaican soldiers patrolled the streets of Denham, a neighborhood in Kingston, where fighting took place over several days. By MARC LACEY and KAREEM FAHIM Published: June 22, 2010 Facebook Twitter Recommend Sign In to E-Mail Print Reprints Share CloseLinkedinDiggMixxMySpaceYahoo! BuzzPermalinkContinue reading “Dudus: caught”

Facing Reality, Even on a Sunny Sunday

“Americans have long had an unswerving belief that technology will save us — it is the cavalry coming over the hill, just as we are about to lose the battle. And yet, as Americans watched scientists struggle to plug the undersea well over the past month, it became apparent that our great belief in technologyContinue reading “Facing Reality, Even on a Sunny Sunday”

“Listen to the people!!!”

“Listen to the people!” The woman in the cowboy hat hoisted, in one hand, a sign reading “kill the bill,” and shook, in the other, an American flag. Gathered outside the South steps of the US Capitol building was a relatively homogeneous group of people protesting the imminent passage of the health care reform legislation being debatedContinue reading ““Listen to the people!!!””

Embassy of Iraq

The sun was shining brightly on the P Street entrance of the Iraqi Embassy today. We can hope this is an auspicious sign. Hope. The county’s Embassy, surprisingly easy to miss, is located on P Street, just East of the bustling Dupont Circle. This area of DC has the highest concentration of embassies of foreignContinue reading “Embassy of Iraq”

Cooperative Child Care: Social and Economic Empowerment

Washington, DC’s childcare market is eternally under-served, and the services that are being provided often fail to recognize unfulfilled needs of the community. While that could be said about a vast swathe of markets in this and other cities, especially when it comes to lower income and immigrant communities, I am writing about child careContinue reading “Cooperative Child Care: Social and Economic Empowerment”

21 Shots of the Cannon, and Here We Go

The Capitol lawn, Purple Ticket Section, Inauguration Morning Reported as the largest event in Washington DC’s history, with an official number of 1.8 million people in one place at one time, the swearing in ceremony on the steps of the American Capitol had without a doubt an important impact on the psyche of the nation.Continue reading “21 Shots of the Cannon, and Here We Go”

The Capitol Comes to Perham, MN

Not only was I lucky enough to attend the Inaugural ceremonies on the lawn of our Nation’s Capitol last Tuesday, feeling the pulse of the 21 canon salute vibrate through my core, I was also honored to have my thoughts on the event published in the Perham Enterprise Bulletin, the weekly newspaper of Perham, MinnesotaContinue reading “The Capitol Comes to Perham, MN”