Embassy of Iraq

The sun was shining brightly on the P Street entrance of the Iraqi Embassy today. We can hope this is an auspicious sign. Hope. The county’s Embassy, surprisingly easy to miss, is located on P Street, just East of the bustling Dupont Circle. This area of DC has the highest concentration of embassies of foreignContinue reading “Embassy of Iraq”

The Capitol Comes to Perham, MN

Not only was I lucky enough to attend the Inaugural ceremonies on the lawn of our Nation’s Capitol last Tuesday, feeling the pulse of the 21 canon salute vibrate through my core, I was also honored to have my thoughts on the event published in the Perham Enterprise Bulletin, the weekly newspaper of Perham, MinnesotaContinue reading “The Capitol Comes to Perham, MN”

Coops Going Viral!!

This article was originally published in the Houston Chronicle What caused our current economic crisis? It was greed, deregulation, predatory lending, so popular thought goes.   Mortgage lenders and Wall Street are guilty of many of these accusations. But there’s one major flaw in the logic of this finger-pointing – these are symptoms, not causes,Continue reading “Coops Going Viral!!”

Thirsts and Firsts

First time visiting the locally legendary Lauriol Plaza, I’m convinced the most enjoyable Mexican food experience available. Indulging in the sudden onset margharitta cravings that I have been experiencing. Just bought my first ticket to a rock and roll show here in DC. Yes, the Toadies, long since gone their separate ways, have brought theirContinue reading “Thirsts and Firsts”